by Space Jesus



MalLabel Music is poised to push what is sure to be hailed as one of their more robustly creative and artistic EP’s to date with the iconoclastic sound of Philadelphia based and New Jersey born Jasha Tull, known to his legion of East Coast fans as the great Space Jesus. The EP, entitled PLANTiS, is a veritable excursive jaunt through the widely limitless nature of current electronic music. Space Jesus’ sound inhabits the plural corridor of dance floor glitch hop, experimentally funky dubstep, and has a bit of sonic patchwork sewn with the ever-expanding textures of purple sounds.

Evidence of Tull’s bravado in unabashed bending of genres is evident in tracks such as the Space Jesus remix of Illegitimate Children’s “Augmented Reality (Space Jesus RMX),” which saunters with a deep, Burial-like feel but has a spine made of fidget house. “Wikitweaking” traverses an upbeat trail of comfortably easy-going hip hop breaks with lyrics from featured MC Shape and quickly ducks into a whole secondary environment of whistle-squelch wobbles and brooding bass. “Book 1” transports its listener to a landscape of computerized, pixelated sunsets and then promptly flips itself into a hard dance floor composition, while “Whoopsi Ghostburgler” is a straight forward, minimal style 4/4 groove with an aura of unmistakable mystique and clever whimsy that transforms masterfully into a tough, gritty, glitch-step romp on the second drop. For those who prefer the gluttonous lumber of a 140 half time break, “OMG” will satisfy the craving, wasting no time, it quickly dispenses heaps of bleeps and fluttering bass wobbles that can crush any dancehall the turn of a few bars. “Fly” is a mechanical and sparsely decorated, drunkenly robotic tune that stands on legs made of crunk and bad attitude, while “Fish Eggs” slowly and uniquely spills and drips piece by piece, as it pedals it’s minimalistic, metallic bits and sonic dreamscape wares.

Staying true to its tireless mission to continually seek out the finest in bass music, MalLabel has done what it has proven, time after time, that it can and will always do for its fans: provide innovative, expressive, and talented artists a place to release their best work for mass consumption. For all those who want more, keep your ear cocked towards the sounds of underground bass movement, and the river of low, tumbling undulations is sure to lead you straight to MalLabel Music.

Artwork by Clare Gillen


released October 9, 2012


all rights reserved



MalLabel Music San Francisco, California

Underground Bass Movement

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